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We offer fair and competitive pricing tailored to your specific needs.

Premium and other related services are also available where applicable.

Notarial Services Competitive Pricing

We assess each case individually and offer fair and competitive pricing. Once we have seen any documents and any instructions sent to you about the document, we may be able to give you a firm indication or estimate of the likely charges.

Our notary fees are based on a basic rate of £200.00 per hour (we do not charge VAT). This includes the time taken to complete the whole matter, including pre-appointment document checks and the time taken to prepare the official records. These may include telephone calls made or received, letters or emails sent or received, time spent in meetings, on drafting and on preparing the necessary entries in the notarial register where applicable.

We will assess your case and provide a fixed quote. There may be a discount for bulk notarisation. For more complex certifications, we will charge according to the hourly rate of the instructed notary, which you will be informed of at the outset. If your situation or document requirements change between the time of booking your appointment and seeing our notary, a new fee will be discussed and agreed upon. Special factors which might result in an increase of the charge include complexity or novelty, the number of or importance of the documents, whether or not the work has to be done away from this office and special urgency which may require us to drop other work to deal with yours or if the work unavoidably has to be dealt with outside office hours.

The minimum charge for dealing with a single document is normally £120 for personal documents, and £170 for business documents. Additional documents (for example, certified copies of your passport) are typically charged at £40 per personal document and £80 per business document. If there are additional signatories, we charge an additional £40 per person and £80 for an additional business signatory.

We require a booking deposit, with the balance payable at your appointment.


Where we incur costs from third parties, the fees will be passed directly on to you as disbursements. Fees may arise from verifying university awards, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), consulate legalisation, legalisation agents, travel expenses or courier services.

Any likely disbursements will be discussed with you when we provide you with a quote. Disbursements will not be incurred without your consent. Any fees will be provided to you in good faith; however, third parties may change their fees and procedures without notice.

Document services

We can also offer additional services, depending on your requirements. These include:


Most documents can be dealt with within 24 hours (less on request but additional fees may be charged). This does not include the timescales of third parties such as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and embassies whose timescales can vary but estimates can be provided. Once the document has been legalised it can either be couriered directly to its destination, returned direct or to our office for collection.